[Video] Red-capped Cardinal

A small South American bird is the red-capped Cardinal (Paroaria gularis). It belongs to Paroaria, a genus in the Thraupidae family of tanagers. Insects, rice and fruit feed on the red-capped cardinal. In conspicuous pairs or family units, it is normally found. It stretches for most of the year if there is a well-marked breeding season. 

[Video] Red-capped Cardinal

The red-capped cardinal was recorded to breed in northern South America at least from June to September, but in late March at Sacha Lodge on the Napo River (Ecuador) an adult was seen feeding a fledgling shiny cowbird (a brood parasite). This means that breeding can occur as early as February / March as well. There is no sign of a disparity between the red-capped and masked cardinals in the breeding seasons.

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