Flamecrest (Taiwan firecrest)

 Regulus goodfellowi, or Taiwan firecrest, is a genus of bird in the family of kinglets, Regulidae, which is native to the mountains of the island of Taiwan.

Flamecrest (Taiwan firecrest)

A small perched species, like a warbler, is the flamecrest. It is just 9 cm long (3.5 in) and weights around 7 g, making it the smallest of all the native bird species in Taiwan and the world's smallest and most colourful member of its genus.

And black crown stripes, the top of its head is yellow and green. White feathers that cover the black eye-patches give it the illusion of having two black eyes.

Flamecrest (Taiwan firecrest)

These energetic songbirds are mostly solitary, but in small, loose flocks of their own species, as well as with coal tits and Eurasian nuthatches, they can fly about frequently. There's a poor and whirring ride. Their genetics for breeding is little understood.

In the center, the flamecrest is an insectivore. On the branches and leaf sheaths of trees in coniferous forests, birds can be seen feeding on insects and their eggs, hovering and gleaning from leaf to plant. Weeds and berries can sometimes be eaten.

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