Collared Finchbill

In the bulbul family, Pycnonotidae, the Collared Finchbill (Spizixos semitorques) is a songbird species. It is found in China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan.

the Collared Finchbill (Spizixos semitorques)

At moderate elevations, the species favors forested hills. The collared finchbill, mainly a frugivore, often consumes seeds and insects. Typically, the birds are monogamous, with women constructing nests in trees in which to lay their eggs.

the Collared Finchbill (Spizixos semitorques)

An unmistakable medium-sized songbird: dark olive-green with a black crown, a white necklace, a gray face, and a black tail. Unlike the black, slender bills of most bulbuls, Namesake's yellow bill is stout and gently angled. Perched on telephone poles, treetops, and rooftops are also used. Forages in lowland and foothill woodland, parks, and brushlands (below 1500 m) methodically. It gathers frequently in flocks but is not a typical component in flocks in mixed species. A series of three-syllabled warbles; calls include rising "chirrup" and a series of notes of "whit".

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